Chilliflex's serviced office is a lockable and furnished office space tailored to your company's needs. In addition to a permanent workspace, you get access to high-speed Internet, a printer and scanner, and you can use the office at any hour. Enjoy chill out areas during breaks from work, or meet with clients in representative conference rooms. With a flexible contract, you can easily reduce or enlarge the space and choose the right equipment. You can give your full attention to the development of your business, and entrust the maintenance of the office and comfort of work to us.

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A solution for small and medium-sized companies, startups and large corporations. For corporate headquarters, regional branches or temporary offices.

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Work in different
cities in Poland!

Do you have business meetings in multiple cities or travel frequently? With Chilliflex Club membership, you gain access to all Chilliflex offices in Poland! Work the way you want and wherever you want.


  • Access to common areas in other locations
  • Access to meeting rooms in other locations
  • Opportunity to attend events in other locations

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Frequently asked questions

  • What services does Chilliflex offer?

    Chilliflex offers flexible office space for small and medium-sized companies, global corporations, start-ups, or freelancers.


    Serviced offices

    A fully furnished private office for your team with access to shared chill out areas and meeting rooms.



    A solution for freelancers or distributed teams working hybrid.

    Monthly subscription that you can easily discontinue, or renew.


    Dedicated desk

    A private desk in a shared locked office.  An option for sole proprietorships or freelancers.


    Chilli Pass

    Our solution for people who work occasionally from an office or appreciate hybrid work. Choose the number of days – 1,5,10,15 and use the office at your convenience.


    Virtual office

    Mailing address or full Virtual Office service with business address in the best locations in Poland.


    Meeting rooms

    Meeting rooms and business meeting rooms are available at all Chilliflex locations.

  • I have an office in one location, can I also work in another Chilliflex location?

    Every Chilliflex Club member has access to all the common areas of other Chilliflex locations, where they can also use meeting room rental credits.  This also applies to members with a Chilli Pass card.

    To make a reservation, contact your preferred office directly and reserve a space at a convenient time.

  • What is the minimum lease period for an office at Chilliflex?

    The minimum rental commitment period for a serviced office is 6 months, and for a dedicated desk and coworking is 1 month.

    If you are interested in a shorter lease period, check out our Chilli Pass hybrid work solution. For more details, contact the Chilliflex team.

  • What is Chillflex's policy on pets in the office?

    The entire Chilliflex team loves to work with dogs or cats, but we have to comply with building managers’ policies, which sometimes may not agree. Write to us if you are unsure whether your building is allowed to have pets.


    To ensure the safety and comfort of all users at these Chilliflex locations, animals must have current vaccinations against rabies and other infectious diseases. The owner should bring the animal’s health book for possible inspection and have the pet under full control.

    If the animal in any way disturbs other members, makes noise or damages the space, the owner may be asked to remove the animal from the Chillliflex space. The owner is responsible for the cost of any damage to their pet.


    *Consent for a dog in the office does not apply to breeds considered aggressive by Polish law.

  • What is Chilliflex's policy regarding guests in the office?

    Each guest is required to enter their information on the guest list at the entrance to the office. You are responsible for your guests in the office from the moment they arrive.

  • How can I use the meeting rooms at Chilliflex?

    Chillflex Club members can book a meeting room through our internal app. If you don’t already have access to the app, contact the Office Manager at your location. To book a meeting room without an office at Chilliflex, contact your preferred office directly.